Dear Chef,

The Brooklyn Dining Club is a large network of people from all over the borough who enjoy restaurants and who like to explore new culinary experiences as a group.

Basically we work like this: We organize 20 to 40 people at a time who gather at particular restaurants on slower nights of the week (e.g., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). This format accomplishes two things: it enhances your business and it introduces members to restaurants and cuisines that they have not tried before.

We ask the restaurants to provide us with a chef or owner who can tell us a little of the cooking philosophy, particularly as it relates to the dish or dishes we are trying on a particular evening.

If the restaurant space accommodates it, we also bring a guest speaker for the evening.

We work closely with the chef/owner to create a prix fixe for the evening that includes wine and gratuities.

We’re not looking for “good deals,” just great meals. We allow the chef to choose the dishes in advance that he or she would like to present to the group as their main course.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Ted Cutler

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